Photo Booth Fun at the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival!!

So what could be more fun at a carnival than a crazy fun photo booth??!!!  We had the backdrop, we had the props and we had the people!!!  We just didn't have the printers that were supposed to be there!!!!  But I decided to take some fun photos anyways and post them here...

If you've taken my "Lights! Camera! Action!" photo class, then this next image with the blue speedos will make sense!!  In fact, if you were with us on the last Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise for Canadians, then you might even recognize this awesome couple :)

Shortly after, I caught this guy red handed trying to steal the blue speedos!!!  He had dressed up like a cop and thought he could get away with it, but he should know better than to take on me and my favourite prop!!!

And in honor of some friends running in the CIBC Crop for the Cure coming soon, we did a "Think Pink" photo!!!

Next we feature "Oh Canada Eh?" and "Rockstar" with sidekick body guard :)

These ladies brought along "Flat Ariel" as part of their group and made sure she got in on the fun as well!

And what happens when you combine our awesomely fun Canadian Scrapbooker Team and an assortment of props???  Take a look!!!

And my girl Lynne never disappoints with a photo op!!!

Here's a shot of the "before" event fun... packing the goodie bags for the crop attendees!!  I was seriously envious of all the swag they all got!!  Lucky gals!!!  Thanks to all our sponsors for making it happen :)

And look what arrived with 1.5 hours left in the event?!!  Our Printers!!!  So Edmonton, be ready to play with props and printers at our Fun Photo Booth this coming weekend!!!! Check out the details at Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!!


Kimberly said...

it is too bad that Katharina is so solemn all the time. ;) If only she could show some emotion!

kdgowdy said...

Hey I recognize that blue speedo...doesn't it belong to to Mr. Hardy???? *LOL* Looks like a great time!

jpbarrette said...

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