Canmore Weekend

I had the privilege of teaching two workshops this past weekend in Canmore!!  I think Canmore has got to be one of my most favourite places EVAH as it's only 1 hour away from Calgary and located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!!!  

I was teaching a Strengthsfinder workshop for the staff at Fifth Avenue Athletic Club and this is where we got to stay!!!!  The Mystic Springs Chalets... our chalet was the one at the end of the pool and check out my bed!!!!!

And speaking of pool... my kids spent a TON of time in it!!!  And of course I had fun taking a TON of photos!!!  I especially love these ones as I've been realizing lately how fortunate I am that my kids are best friends and LOVE to hang together and play together.  I grew up this way with my own brother so I guess I don't know anything different, but people have been commenting lately about how much their kids fight and think it's strange that mine don't!!  Don't get me wrong, they do have their moments, but they really do get along well and truly enjoy each other's company!! 

And I'm also thankful for a most amazing husband!!  This one is not a new revelation, however!!!  I've known this since the day I decided I wanted to marry him!  I'll have to share that story sometime, but I couldn't have picked a better husband and father... 

The kids had so much fun playing with their Daddy and Brad got a work out helping them "soar"!! 

And the older Justin is getting, the more I see him looking like his Daddy... both in actual looks and in behaviour and personality!!  Look at my two guys... LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot!

And my precious little "mini-me" Lindsey!!!!  I am constantly amazed at how much like ME she is...

And Canmore is a hotbed of biking trails so Brad and the kids biked from Canmore to Banff the one day!!  Took them about 2 hours to do the trip (and no bear or cougar sightings!!)

But we did get to see this wildlife... they are so used to humans being around that they definitely don't run scared!!  Makes for great photos :)

And Canmore has one of my all-time favourite stores!!!  It's called Willow and I can spend hours in there and this time I let myself splurge on a few new items for my new house!!!  Check out their website and you'll see why I LOVE this store!!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if my "interior designer friends" Jill Hildebrand and Christy Riopel had been there with me to help me pick!!!  Hmmmm.... a girlfriend scrapbooking/shopping get-away in Canmore... kay girls, let's plan it!!!!!


Lee-Anne said...

Love your photos Allison!

Shannon said...

Ian and I stayed at the Mystic Springs at the beginning of December there was a super deal mid week and enjoyed 2 nights in Canmore in our own little 2 bedroom chalet it was great ..... we even got to hot tub as we were close and the baby monitor was in range. Great photos and glad you got an awesome weekend away.

jill said...

How are earth do you have the best husband in the world when I do??? Are you kidding me?? Wait til you see what Ron & my dad are gonna dream up for my front and backyards. So much work to do, but it will be fun to do it together. So glad we can talk like this; and not have to rag on them for things!!!! Love that -- that's the way a marriage should be any way, right?
And shopping/scrappin' in Canmore sounds like a plan!!!! Gonna go check out the website of your fave store right now. I would spend your $$ any day (and twice on Saturday)!!!!
love ya', girl. miss ya' more.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Oh my word. Your photos leave me
breathless! You have definately
got a gift for photography!
Your family and friends are truly
lucky to have you around. Special photo rates for them, right!!!LOL
Love, love, love that bed. I don't
think I would want to leave the room.
So glad you and your family had such a good time together, and that you could all go on this mini retreat before the summer crowds come along. TFS