It's HERE!!! The Video you've been waiting for!!!!

It's HERE!!!  The video of my infamous "Baptizing my Camera in the Ocean" in Cancun on our Tropical Scrapbooking vacation!!!

Remember, the whole reason this was captured on video was because we were taping a promo for our next

Scrapbooking Cruise to the Caribbean this November!!!!  AND although it is highly unlikely that I will repeat the above, I do promise a TON of other laughs and adventures as we PLAY with our photography and scrapbooking while sailing to

Motego Bay, Jamaica
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Cozumel, Mexico

AND... watch for a SURPRISE coming this JUNE for those who decide to join us!!!

(HINT:  Think... Our strong Canadian dollar and this...

Sooooooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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