The Baptizing of my Camera in the Ocean!!!

I finally watched the video today of my major OOPS of "baptizing" my camera in the ocean while at Crop Tropical in Cancun!!!  I was all alone in the house today when I found it and was seriously splitting a gut laughing at the video (how can you tell time has already healed!!!) and simply had to call Christy!!  The really funny thing is Christy always jokes at how she needs to "take care of me" as I seem to land myself in such crazy predicaments and this one is no exception!!  She accepted that part of her role as "Featured Instructor" was to save me from myself at times!!!  And for the most part she did!!!!

I'll figure out how to post the actual video someday, but meanwhile, these photos are actual stills taken from the video!!  

So as you can see in the first shot, we are simply walking along the beach... not IN the water!!!  Next, I decide to splash a little water at Christy firmly placing all my weight on my leg with my bad knee (I have a detached cruciate ligament from a Volleyball injury in my 20s).  Note to self:  make doctor's appt. to FINALLY have this fixed!!!

Unbeknownst to me... a forceful wave was coming towards us and hit me popping my knee out of my socket.  And YES it hurt!!!  Now this hasn't actually happened for a few years since I've been working out and doing weights regularly so it really took me by surprise!!  

At this point, experience kicks in and I know to not fight my knee and just let it collapse so that it pops back in.  And yes, I usually plop very ungraciously to the floor when this happens creating quite the scene or as my good friend Christine Collier would say, "not just a scene baby... a MUSICAL"!!!  So even though my hand in the air is likely due to my flailing... I'd like Christy to think I was signaling for HELP from her!!  After all, that is why I hired her (okay that and her abundant, amazing, over-the-top creative talent!!)

And what does Christy do???  She laughs!!!!!  And not just a little giggle!!  It is full throttle, head thrown back, hysterical laughter!!!!  Thank goodness I have the evidence on video!!!  Oh... and it took awhile for me to identify the body part just slightly evident poking out of the water...  my foot!!  Yes, folks, I was pretty much upside down completely submerged with my camera in water that didn't even reach as high as Christy's knees!!!

The next few seconds of video is pretty all over the place... mostly sand and water shots as Brad came running towards me, but you hear everything!!  He's going "Oh Al, oh Al, Al, Al" and I'm going "Oh... so not okay, so not okay... my knee popped out on me... crap... shoot!!"  And finally you see me and my Nikon D80 digital SLR camera and 18-200mm lens all drenched with salt water, sand and micro sea shells!!

And yes, Christy took a photo... a close-up of the seashells plastered on my wet face.  And you know what?  I'm so glad she did and am very anxious to see it!!!!  The true heart of a scrapper and friend!!

So... you too can join in the "misadventures" of Allison by applying to be an instructor on my next Crop and Cruise in November!!!!  Just think of all the potential while sailing on a cruise ship through the Caribbean!!!  Seriously!!!  We are still accepting applications up until March 15!!  Check out the details HERE!!

Note to self:  add in "take photos of Allison's crazy antics" to the job description for instructors!


Anonymous said...

Terrible - terrible - but for some terrible reason I can not help but giggle at the photos!!!! Sorry Allison!


Anonymous said...

I know how devastating it can be to damage your camera - I dumped a whole sippy cup of apple juice all over mine, but was thankfully able to save it. Despite that, I still got a giggle out of the photo of you in the ocean where all you can see is your foot!

Gisèle said...

oh my,the down side of being away in warm countries...LOL
hope you recovered some pics from your card!

Allison Orthner said...

Gisele... the photos were ALL okay!!! Memory cards are actually VERY resilient!! 43 year old knees... not so much!!!!

Marlie said...

Ohhh.... I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I'm the clumsy one in our family I end up breaking something or badly injuring myself on vacation all the time but I always manage to save the camera!

Hope the D90 is working out for you.


Diane said...

Sorry for you Allison and completely empathetic. After last year's cruise, K and I spent a week in Florida and I got knocked over by a wave twice and came up topless both times! On a packed beach! Although I think I'd rather be topless than have anything happen to my camera.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Wow, only a husband or "good" friend
would laugh and take pictures!!??
I was knocked over by a wave in
Hawaii and my husband just stood and
laughed while I searched frantically for my glasses spitting out mouthfuls of ocean water. I had quite the audience on the beach watching my flail around with very little grace-- insert ugly picture here! Glad we can laugh at ourselves after all is said and done!

jill said...

nicely done, sista'!!! I am so incredibly sorry, but I laughed outloud at the photo of your foot AND Christy laughing hysterically on the shore. My only regret is that I wasn't there to witness. Feeling for the knees of (I'll say) 30+ people -- got one myself. Get it fixed, girl, cause we have some serious shoppin' to do VERY soon.
I'll call next week when my life settles down a bit (long story).
hugs to all,

Artytart said...

OMG....Allison. l dont know whether to cry because of the camera and your pain...or laugh cause that is a heck of a photo sequence (if you minus the knowledge that you were in agony and risking mega $$$) maybe l will just cry with you. Hope you are OK....l was totally envious of Cancun and got all the details off Christy...l am going someday if it kills me. Hope your knee and camera and doing OK. Colleen

Johanna said...