Creative Costumes and something SWEET!

So... I really don't much like Halloween... never have been into the scary or gory kind of stuff and really don't like the focus on blood, death, etc. as we unfortunately see so much of that in the real world and I'd much rather fill my mind and heart with things that are beautiful, good, uplifting, encouraging, etc.

BUT... the one part I've always enjoyed is getting dressed up and so it's been fun over the years helping the kids come up with costumes!!  We don't do the typical and in fact, my son's "claim to fame" is that he concocts his own "one-of-a-kind-never-been-seen-before" type costume!!  Last year he was an orange crayon all triggered by an orange hat he found and this year, can you guess it????

He was "Purple Man Superhero"!!!!  His special powers?  The ability to attract all kinds of candy and chocolate!!!  I find my son so very amusing!!  I LOVE that even though he most definitely has his father's engineering/math/science mind, a little of my creativity managed to seep in as well!!

And my daughter was a "Teeny Bop Rock Star"... all her own clothes actually except the shoes which were a fabulous Value Village find at only $1.99 plus the wig!!  She is just way too cute!!!

And my other favourite part of this least favourite holiday of mine??? You guessed it...  the chocolate!!!! Now chocolate is definitely sweet, good and very uplifting and so THAT is what I choose to focus on!!!


Jennifer Reynard said...

Great costumes, wonderful imaginations! gotta love Value Village- awesome shoes!

D J E and M Huber said...

Nice costumes! Yah, my feeling is that if you can bypass the weird blood stuff, it's a fun time for kids. And we have fun watching them.

Besides, the more commercialized the whole thing gets, the less of an edge it has. People complain (rightly) about the commercialization of Christmas for the same reason. So, while I figure it's best to do our best not to commercialize that holiday - or Easter - why not commercialize the heck (pun intended) out of Hallowe'en?

My lovely wife also pointed out that Easter, Christmas, and Hallowe'en all originated as pagan holidays. But, each is a case (the first two more successful than the latter) of Christ redeeming culture. Did you know, though, that the 31st is Reformation Day (Luther banged up the 95 thesis on that day in the 1500s) and that 1 November is All Saints Day, in which we're supposed to celebrate those of faith - including martyrs - that have gone on before us?

Maybe we as Christian should grab onto those things, and magnify them. Sort of a two-pronged approach, then. Inject more Christ into the day, and Hallmark-ize the rest of it into meaningless apple bobbing and candy grubbing.