EEEEEK.... I have a teenager!!!!!!

I woke up this morning the parent of a teenager!!!!  Justin turned 13!!!  When did this happen????  It seems like it was just yesterday that he came into this world... Thanksgiving weekend back in 1996... my mom brought me turkey dinner at the hospital... my grandma kept lamenting "he's too pretty to be a boy!"

And it seems like only yesterday I took this photo of him and his sister on the beach... but that is already 6 years ago now from in 2003!!!  

So he was so cute this morning... when I wished him a happy birthday and commented "Eeeeek.... I have a teenager in the house!!"  He promptly rolled his eyes and gave me "attitude".  The funny thing is that he NEVER does that!!!  He was just playing along (I think he's been watching his sister... she, however, does it for real!!)  

So... one teen and one tween now... both hitting those "years" at the same time!!!  And I for one LOVE it!!  I know there will be "those days"... but this is the age I totally enjoy... attitude and all!!!

Happy birthday buddy!  Here's to some great years ahead :)



ScrappeeDiane said...

Happy Birthday Justin, hope it is a great day and a great year!

Izzy said...

Happy Birthday Justin!