Guess what this picture is?

Guess what this picture is???

It is just a small part of a garbage dumpster full of Heidi Swapp and Advantus products thrown out and destroyed following a show in the US.

Apparently despite the economic recession and world focus on "reduce, reuse, recycle" and despite the fact that there are COUNTLESS ideas just in my mind alone of what one could do with all the "extras" after an event if you don't want to bother shipping it home with you (donate them to a worthy non-profit, a local school, hospital therapeutic scrapbooking program????), this is how Advantus and other companies have apparently handled their "leftovers" from some shows so that no one else can benefit from them.

Lauren Ferguson was at the event, entered said dumpster, rescued, cleaned and then donated as much of it as she could (this is her photo from her blog). Click HERE to read her full story!! Surely there has to be a better way!!

So very sad... and although I still love so much of their product, I'm finding it real hard to continue to support them when these "incidents" keep arising (click HERE to read my personal encounter at CHA).


Anonymous said...

We were at an event where Rusty Pickle told us that they were giving away their "garbage". As Lance explained they can't sell product that's been opened or is missing one or two things or aren't "perfect" in terms of colour lots and other companies throw this stuff away. Well, it's still good so they use them as giveaways. I wasn't a huge RP fan until Lance explained this but I am now because it's such a great way to use product that's still good but just can't be sold. I haven't bought from the HS brand for years because of their lack of customer considerations and I won't buy Advantus now either. When are some of these companies going to clue in that this stuff is important to us?


Lauren Ferguson said...

Thanks so much for the cross post.

I really hope that more people get outraged.

Thanks again


Christy Riopel said...

I here Ya Sister!!! This makes me sick!

Jennifer Reynard said...

Very upsetting to read this, though I know it happens in Canada also.
This company should be embarrased!
Maybe a visit to a third world country would do them some good!
Hope they get a wake up call about what they have done and repurpose their "garbage"more appropriately in the future.

TraceyD said...

What a shameful waste, and to be soooo petty and destroy the product too! Seriously.

Karan said...

that is so so disgusted to read that, isnt Advantus one of the corporations facing bankruptcy??? The Universe has a way doesnt it....really sad to see such waste, thanks for opening my eyes a bit more Allison

Kate said...

Well, I was already on a little "Kate Boycott" of HS due to inferior product...but NOW. Well, look out. That is 100% DISGRACEFUL as I said on Lauren's blog. Oh my WORD how do some people sleep at night? I am more outraged because of the lack of supplies we have for low income classes that do not get any type of funding. Do they know what we could do with that product??? HEL-LO, ever heard of inner city children? Shame on you!!!