Confessions of a Soccer Mom...

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE watching my kids play soccer because they both LOVE soccer and they are both great athletes, but I must admit I go a little "Momma Bear" when they go up against HUGE kids whose elbows and knees conveniently land right where my beautiful babies' faces are!!!

So imagine my state of mind watching Lindsey this past weekend at a tournament in BC as she "covered" this "six foot something wonder what she eats" opponent!!! Or how about my buddy Justin as he attempts to keep pace with this "six foot five 13 year old wearing size 12.5 shoes" (we asked!).Combine that with the inclement weather we seem to be enduring this season (like this game where it rained, hailed, snowed and sleeted all within 90 minutes) causing unsafe playing conditions even against "normal sized kids"... And injuries are sure to prevail... like what ended up happening to Justin... big guy slips while going for ball Justin has control of and WHACK... kicks him in the leg with his cleats and Justin is down for the count!!I think the only saving grace is seeing how our tiny team kids bond together to fight the battles against the "giants in the land" and really show how HUGE their HEARTS are despite their lack of physical size!!

And... my final confession... I admit I love capturing photos of it ALL... size comparisons (to show that NO I am NOT exaggerating!) and the beautiful moments where I can see how they bond through it all despite some pain and suffering.

Thank goodness the season is over and I can breathe a little easier... at least until indoor soccer starts!!!


Izzy said...

Love these photos... wow, you weren't exaggerating about their size were you!

Jennifer Reynard said...

These kids are ginormous for their age. I can't imagine the size of them when they turn 18.
Good to see your kids were undaunted by them. Smaller kids can be better soccer players as they can to learn
to be faster with the ball- or so my husband keeps telling me. He was always the smallest on the team and
he has become the "warrior"of the Mens over 45 team. (Also the most injured!! LOL) Your pictures are worth "the thousand words".

ScrappeeDiane said...

I love the arm in arm photo, that tells a great story. It always amazes me how kids can grow all different sizes.

Cari said...

Great photos!
Looks like they're still enjoying themselves - even when they're up against Goliath! ;)
Hope you're doing well.
I've been thinking about you a lot!

Maureen said...


Kate said...

Those photos capture it SO well! LOL I wouldn't have believed it!