TV ideas needed ASAP...

As often happens in the media, I have an "emergency" TV segment they've requested for Father's Day projects and I need ideas!!!! I am very busy with some other projects:
  • finishing the Crop and Cruise DVD... what a riot, but a TON of work especially learning a new editing program!
  • finalizing the details of our new HOT TROPICAL news! (hoping to announce this during my TV segment on Monday as it also includes GOLF for the guys!!)
  • our family is making a HUGE decision within the next couple of weeks... gathering all the factors, evaluating the options and PRAYING for the right choice!!
So as you can see, my mind and time is spread pretty thin and that's where you can help!!

You can either post ideas here or send them to me at info @ cropandcruise. com.

I know how creative many of you are so let's hear your crafty Father's Day ideas!!!

And... if you haven't already commented on Lindsey's layouts below, you still have until Friday to WIN her giveaway (and humour her!). Thanks to all who have already done so!! She's loving reading the comments!!


Kimberly said...

so here are a few ideas for you....
My hubby works away, so I made him a mini album of our family for him to keep in his briefcase at work. It was simple and clean and not too frilly... because he isn't too frilly. He loves it. He said he will never go to work without it.
If you are looking for something crafty for kids to give, I have made dad car air fresheners with my kids at school before. And this would be so much easier with the paper doll cricut cartridge now... but you make a "dad" to look like your dad, and then make him some clothes from felt. Then you can add oil (air freshener oil - you can get it at the same place as the tree fresheners...) to the felt.
This year the kids and I are making magnets with their pictures on them. He has a tool box at work, and I thought these would be cute on there.
Just some ideas!
Very excited about hot tropical... ;)

Jennifer Reynard said...

Wow, life is your "normal crazy".
Shall keep you in my prayers regarding life and career changes.
Have emailed you with a couple of ideas but not sure if they are what you are looking for. :) Jennifer

Izzy said...

Wow, you are busy! I made my dad a 12x12 canvas project with his favorite photo of the "big catch" from his last fishing trip.
Excited to hear all the news, see the DVD and will keep you in my thoughts as you make life changing choices :)

Kate said...

Kimberly "stole" my idea! LOL My hubs works away quite a bit too and I also made a mini album that I keep updated month to month (our boys are still very small). Another project I did a few years ago was have the kids paint on a plain wood picture frame. Then when it dried I printed on it all around the edges "Police Officer...sir... RCMP...Constable" And at the bottom I put "But I just call him DADDY." with a picture of our oldest son. So this would work with any profession, you just think of all the different things the Dad would be called during the day (nice things I hope!!!) LOL.

Cari said...

Praying for you my friend!
Hey, I just finished teaching a Father's Day mini album. You can check out my blog for pictures if you'd like.
It's super fun & easy and it's full of your favorite "dad & me"-kinds of photos!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

What about a cute little folding accordian album that ends up looking like a little wallet? There is one Close to My Heart did but you certainly don't have to do it up like theirs.

A collage layout framed to put up at the office would be cute too. could get the kiddos involved by letting them colour and stamp some paper for the background..??

Hope it goes well..