Lindsey's Blog Giveaway and Father's Day!!

Sorry for the delay ladies, but Lindsey finally selected her Blog Giveaway Winner as you can see in the photo above!! Before we go further though, Lindsey would like to say a HUGE thank you to those who took the time to comment on her layouts! She absolutely LOVED reading each and every one of them and very carefully wrote out the names to put into her bucket! So... the winner she chose...Scrapbook Lynne!!
You'll notice the extra large smile on Lindsey's face as Lynne has become near and dear to her heart after spending some time together on the last Crop and Cruise! Lynne... you are one special lady and it' so neat to see the unique friendship you have with Lindsey. So needless to say, Lindsey is psyched to give you your winnings (and I think she topped it up a bit with a few extras from her downstairs store MIRAGE!!) so let us know where and how we can deliver it to you!And now a HUGE shout out to the BEST FATHER EVER who is really still just a kid at heart (which is one of the many reasons I think he makes an awesome dad!). These are my favourite random photos for today in honour of my husband who is the most amazing man, my rock, my cheerleader and the love of my life and yes, the best father ever!!
And... for those wondering... Brad is still working very hard at trying to keep his job at Nortel even though they just announced this week that they are selling off divisions of the company including the one that Brad is in so... we are STILL in a wait and see position. His job future will depend on who buys them out (maybe Nokia) and what they decide to do with the Nortel employees, but we should know within the next few months. We are at peace with it all which is nice... we know God has our back and no matter what, we'll be okay :)


jill said...

Congratulations, Lynn, on winning!!!! That is too cool!!!
Lovin' the "Farmer Tan" on Brad's arms -- that is so Dad-like for the summer. Awesome photos, Al.
Miss all you guys!!!!
hugs & prayers,

Scrapbooklynne said...

Oh My Gosh!! I can't believe you picked my name Lindsey?!? I am currently in the depths of BC at Christina Lake on a week long camping trip and have been out of the computer communication loop for a few days, so what a wonderful surprise for me! I will be back in the Calgary area on June 29th and I'll get in touch with you then... PS I LOVE those stamps :0) (I'm thinking maybe a scrapping afternoon since I'm not due back to work until July 7th!)