I'm procrastinating!!

I have so much to do right now, but am having trouble getting motivated so I thought I'd take a break... okay let's call it what it is... I'm procrastinating!! It's okay though because tomorrow is my official "anti-procrastination day" (see Flylady.com) so it will all get done!!

Kay... let's start with just a favourite random photo... my kids on the beach doing a dream photo shoot with Mommy in 2003... LOVE it!!

So I figure it's time for an update on general life... people keep asking me about Brad and his job with Nortel since declaring bankruptcy protection... well, we got home from Crop and Cruise to the announcement that yet another 5000 employees will be laid off!! I figure if he lasts this one, he'll be about second in command as there's no one left!! They've shut down the entire Calgary office effective the end of March so he is now working from home full time and we are trying to adapt to this change and sharing the office (in fact, I'm listening to him right now talking on the phone in mostly acronyms about technical stuff that makes my head spin!!). So we are definitely in a waiting phase as we see what transpires over the next while... can't see Nortel making it out of this... not sure if Brad will either, but meanwhile, I do LOVE having him around and we are learning to compromise (I've turned down my music that I LOVE to work to!)

And... I'm looking into going back to the classroom... I'm going to meet with the human resources people to get on the sub list... don't want to do too much, but it might be fun to be at my kid's school anyways (middle school grades 5-8) and likely the highschool where my neice and several youth I know attend.

And... because I do love to teach and people have been asking for a "hands-on photography class" with me... if there's enough interest, I think I'll run a few right from my home with smaller groups... do some "in-class" learning and then head outside for some out-door fun and practice... basically spend the day helping you learn with YOUR camera! Let me know if you think you'd be interested in joining me in my "home classroom!" and I'll pick a Saturday or two to try it out. But it just won't be as much fun as doing it in the Caribbean like in these photos...Alrighty... off to Bar-B-Q in the snow... we're going to pretend that Spring has come tonight!! Thanks for joining me in a procrastination break!!


Izzy said...

It sounds like you're busy and managing the changes really well. Wish I lived closer so I could attend a photography session with you! ((hugs))

Kate said...

From one FLYBaby to another...procrastination is a must. I wouldn't get any computer time in without it! LOL Changes in life...hmmmm...just remember that God closes a door and then opens a window. As for private classes, I'd love to do a roadtrip with a couple other gals and take a day class from you!

Allison Orthner said...

Hey Flybaby Kate! We could do a sleepover photo class!!!! You could stay at my place... just imagine the pics we'd have by the end :)

Jolleen said...

Hey Allison, I would be totally interested in photography classes if you are going to do them... keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison,
Amanda and I are totally interested in taking your class! Hopefully it isn't the end of June, that is when my baby is due!

qtheepie said...

I would love one as I mentioned at camp croppin, but not in June, july or August would be fun!