Guess what I'm doing on my Birthday?????


Pretty much never get the chance to just sit and scrapbook all for me!!! I'm always planning or running events helping everyone else do their scrapbooks (don't get me wrong... I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping others scrapbook!!!!!). But my own scrapbooks and ten thousand+ photos have been woefully neglected!!!

So here's the plan... we got a boatload of stuff from the Crop and Cruise (pun totally intended!) and now it's my time to play with it all!!! My goal is to only use supplies from the cruise and if I need to broaden, I'm going to stick with only cruise sponsors products!!! Believe me, that is still a LOT to work with... Making Memories, Prima, Hambly, Scenic Route, Luxe, Tattered Angels, Magenta, Upsy Daisy, Crate Paper and on and on it goes!!

Kay, back at it!! Wish me luck and I'll post my creations soon!



ScrappeeDiane said...

Happy Birthday Allison, I can't wait to see what you create. Have a Blast :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Allison
and happy Scrapbooking too

Diane said...

You go girl! Way to use those yummy goodies from the cruise - I'm still just drooling over it all.

Jennifer R said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you have a great day and get to do the scrapbooking that you
deserve to take the time to do!

Laura said...

I can't wait to see what you create!!!

Cari said...

So ... how much did you get done??
You lucky girl - to get to play with all those yummy goodies!!

Happy Belated Birthday too!!

Leica said...

so let's see projects.... we got way too much on the cruise, I don't know where to begin.

Izzy said...

Happy Birthday Allison! You deserve some scrapbooking time!

Anonymous said...

Happy day- i'm jealous that you are getting into the 'stuff' we got- i'm still trying to find my table (i.e. put it away) so i can actually scrapbook again.