I'm Back!!!!

I now know how much of my life is tied up in my computer... scary!!!

You see, my computer majorly CRASHED during the Camp Croppin' weekend!! I immediately rushed it to "emergency" where it was in "intensive care" for what seemed like forever as I worried about all the photos, videos, emails, records and data that was locked on my hard drive!!

Fortunately they were able to recover my hard drive even though the "mother board" was shot!!

So... I am back at it, but am now playing catch up!!

And... I'm teaching this weekend at the Scrapbook Savvy retreat in Lake Louise so that is now my next priority (how awesome is that going to be!!!) but following that, I should be back at my blogging!!

I'll be back next week with some photos :)

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Laura Nicholas said...

so glad to hear you have your computer back. It amazes me how much of our lives we keep on computer. I can't wait to see your pics from Camp Croppin'. Any word on the tv segments?

Have a great time at Lake Louise!