The Haircut!

What's a blog you ask? Well, I know some of you are asking that (Hi Mom!)

It's simply a place to record and share... thoughts, events, ponderings, layouts, photos, etc. and you are more than welcome to read along!

One of the things I'd like to do here is share my favorite photos so... here is my latest favorite from last month when I had Lisa Bearnson and my scrappin' girlfriends with me on City TV! You know I can't just take a typical group shot... it must have an element of fun! This one was especially fun considering my personal "hair story"... a hair dresser accidentally chopped an 8 inch chunk of hair off the side of my head last year the day before I was going on TV! She screamed and I actually remained calm as I looked down at the long golden locks on my lap. I was also going to a funeral that afternoon... my friend's husband had died suddenly... and all I could think of was "hair grows back, husbands don't". I think God has a sense of humor and I've grown accustomed to how He often teaches me lessons... and if my friends can also have a good laugh it's even better!


scrappaleica said...

Hi Allison, Congrats on the blog. I am excited to keep looking back. You are a great photographer, are you going to be showing your stuff on her as well?
Leica Forrest

Sam said...

Great blog and cute group photo!