Haiti in July


It's hard to know where to begin!!  This was my third trip to Haiti to help build the school and teach art and it was probably one of the best yet hardest experiences... the children were again so very happy to see visitors and especially excited about getting to do more ART!!!

Below you see how they prepared for our arrival and on top of that rooftop is where we began building the new ART ROOM or ART DECK that will have a beautiful view overlooking the city of Cap Haitien below. 

I got to personally deliver the hundreds of ART banners that Canadian crafters all made to help decorate the new art room!!! I took photos of each one with one of the students holding it so watch for those still coming if YOU are one of the generous souls that donated one!!  We will still have to sew them together and deliver the final banner someday, but it's exciting to see them all!!

I also had the privilege of delivering this extra special piece of ART from the Seven Person's School in Alberta to the principal (it's now hanging in the "teachers room"!! Together this tiny little class of grade 5/6 students raised over $3000 for the school in Haiti AND sent sport supplies for them!!! The principal said he was going to pray many blessings come back to those who gave so much :)

So... guess how old this little boy in red is?!?!?!

Our team member standing with him is 16... this little boy is 15...

He comes from a family with a single mom and her 5 boys (the youngest 4 attend the school) and we had the privilege of helping build them a new home!!!! But it was so very hard to see how malnourished they all were... just utterly gut wrenching :(  So many of the kids there are in similar situations and it is so very hard to know what to do... but long ago I learned that we help by helping one person, one family, one community, one school... and if everyone does a small part, it can make such a HUGE difference.

So much more to still share!!!

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